A Day In Court

The Gang Gets "Busted"

A seemingly unimportant side venture the party took turns for the worst as our intrepid group of adventurers find themselves caught in a court battle with the Azamon Senate. Accused of being involved in the disappearance and murder of the late Apostle Greenwood (famed herbalist of the Aret Conclave), the group tries to make sense of the whole ordeal; only to be found guilty by way of a diary and piece of cloth belonging to the apostle. As their conviction was being set, Sorin noted a out-of-place figure seemingly muttering what seemed like an incantation, only to be met with misunderstanding and aggression. We left the party as their cell had been open, and the party left entirely only on prison grounds. Then as the party set to venture out, a familiar black ooze bubbled forth to form a behemoth abomination. Armed and ready, the party awaits what troubles this foul creation may bring.


George_Aguilar George_Aguilar

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