Welcome to Ra' Madel

The City of Guilds

Your story starts with young adventurers venturing out to new lands. Specifically, the lush green landscape of Deniv and its capital city-state, Ra' Madel. Applications for the tempting Adventurer's Club were met with acceptance and an open invitation to come join their ranks. Once in the city the party made their way to the club's lodge were the were grouped with a cunning dwarf named Zar Eto. He convinced the group that he would be your guide on your first contract/mission; to investigate an abandoned temple of sorts. Once the location had been investigated and all threats neutralized, you found yourselves with obscure clues as to what might have transpired within the temple and Zar left the group. Once back at the lodge the you were dismayed to find out that Zar Eto was no affiliate of the club and that you had all been duped into helping his unknown agenda. But hey, you did get to meet Kvor Tolsvi, leader of the Sivet guild.


George_Aguilar George_Aguilar

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